Smartphone location detection. Bose and RetailNext collect MAC addresses from Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth-enabled devices that come into contact with Bose network equipment in Bose retail stores. This occurs only when a device's Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth is turned on. The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device. Bose logs the MAC address of these broadcasts along with the time, the signal strength and the location of the detector that picks up the broadcast within the store. This information is used to measure things like store occupancy or the ratio of first-time to returning shoppers. Bose does not use this information to identify specific individuals. You may opt out of smartphone location detection services provided by the RetailNext platform by visiting

Video recording and physical location detection. Bose and RetailNext also collect and analyse data from video cameras located in Bose stores to determine the paths people take through a physical space and to try to evaluate consumer shopping habits. Bose analyses this information to create anonymous and aggregated reports to be used for internal business purposes, including marketing purposes. For example, reports might contain information such as how many people visited the store, how long they stayed and which parts of the store they visited. This information might be used, for example, to optimise store layouts, reduce waiting times at check-out, provide and advertise more of the products that most interest shoppers, and understand consumer shopping patterns. Please note that video is usually available for playback by Bose, and in addition to using such video to analyse traffic flow through a store, Bose also uses such videos for security purposes and to investigate theft.