Charging your headset

Before initial use of the headset, it is important to bring the power up to full charge for maximum talk time. Be sure the room temperature is between 5°C (41°F) and 40°C (104°F) and the product is at room temperature.

To charge the headset, follow these steps:

Note: Do not attempt to pair or use the headset while it is charging.

Plug the small end of one USB cable into the headset. Match the arrows on the plug and headset to insert the plug correctly

Plug the large end of this cable into either the power supply or a USB connector on your computer (if the USB connector is powered)

If using the power pack, extend the power supply prongs

Plug the power supply into an AC (mains) wall outlet. Or, if you are using a computer to charge the headset, you may need to turn on the computer

Allow up to 3 hours for this first charge, although it may take less time. The battery indicator on the back of the headset blinks yellow while the headset charges, then turns solid green when charging is completed.

Note: Although the headset battery is partially charged by the manufacturer, charging before you use it lengthens your talk time.

To check the amount of battery charge remaining, see Recognising lights and tones.

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