Difficulty using Party and Stereo modes

Please try the following steps if you are having trouble using the Party and Stereo feature:

Use the Connect app to pair speakers
Party and Stereo modes can be enabled either by using the Bose® Connect app or manual pairing using the speaker buttons. However, the Connect app pairing method is strongly recommended for two reasons:

  • The procedure on the Connect app is designed to be user friendly
  • The Connect app allows any combination of compatible speakers to enter Party or Stereo modes. (For example, a Revolve and a Revolve+ can be paired together.) The manual method of using the speaker buttons only allows you to pair two of the same speaker model

Make sure only one speaker is actively connected to the mobile device.
Stereo and Party mode will not work if both speakers are connected to the mobile device

Check software versions
The software needs to be up to date, as do both speakers, when using Party and Stereo modes. If there is a mismatch of two speakers running on different firmware versions, it can result in difficulty pairing

Try pausing audio when engaging Party or Stereo modes
Pause audio streaming to all speakers before turning on Party or Stereo mode

Rename the speakers in the Connect app
For ease of use, it is recommended for customers with two of the same model speaker to rename the speakers in the Connect app so that they do not share the exact same name

Perform a factory reset.
For information on performing a reset, see Resetting the speaker.

Note: A reset is used to correct occasional product issues. It is not something that a product should require repeatedly.

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