My headphones will not pair with my Bluetooth® device

Your headphones will not connect to your device while charging. If your headphones are not charging and still not connecting to your device, here are a few things to try:

On your headphones:

Power cycle the headphones: Power the headphones off by pressing and holding the Power button for 2 seconds until you hear the power down tones. Then, power them on by pressing and releasing the Power button

Right earbud highlighting the Power button

Reset your headphones:

  1. Power the headphones off and wait 30 seconds
  2. Plug the headphones into a USB power supply using a USB cable and wait 5 seconds. (Power supply needs to be plugged into a working socket)
  3. Unplug the USB cable from the headphones and wait 1 minute
  4. Turn the headphones on and test to see if they work properly

Clear the headphones’ pairing list:

  1. Power off the headphones
  2. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds, until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared”.
  3. Remove your headphones from your device’s Bluetooth list. This is typically done by selecting your headphones in the device’s Settings > Bluetooth list and selecting “Forget”, “Unpair” or “Remove”.
  4. Your headphones are now “Ready to pair” with your device. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select your headphones as a new device

On your mobile device:

Turn Bluetooth off and then on again

Toggle Aeroplane mode on and then off

Reboot your device

“Forget”, “Unpair” or “Remove” your headphones from your device’s Bluetooth list and then connect them again

Connecting to a computer

If connecting to a Windows computer, you may see two different icons in the device pairing list (a device icon and a headphone icon). Make sure you select the headphone icon

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