No audio from a Bluetooth® device

Applies to:

  • Bluetooth® audio adapter

if you are not getting sound when using the bose® bluetooth® audio adapter, try these steps to resolve the issue:

be sure the cable going from the adapter to your sound playback device is connected to an input jack on the sound playback device. for more information on connecting your system, see setting up the bluetooth® audio adapter

If the sound playback device has multiple inputs (i.e., a home cinema receiver), be sure that the correct input is selected on the receiver. For example, if the adapter is plugged into a jack labelled "Aux" on the receiver, you will need to select the receiver's "Aux" input

be sure sound is playing on your bluetooth® device and is not paused

make sure the volume control on both your bluetooth® device and the sound playback device are turned up and not muted

check that your bluetooth® device is paired with the adapter. for more information, see pairing a bluetooth® multimedia device

move your bluetooth® device away from any device that generates electromagnetic interference, such as another bluetooth® enabled device, cordless phone, microwave oven or wireless router

try clearing the adapter from the list of previously paired devices in your device's bluetooth® settings. then, clear the adapter's memory of previously paired devices by holding the bluetooth® button on the adapter for ten seconds. the light on the adapter will flash white to confirm. re-pair your device and try again. for more information see pairing a bluetooth® multimedia device.

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