No sound using an optical cable

If the optical cable feels loose or you do not hear sound using an optical cable:

Before connecting an optical cable, make sure you remove the protective plug cover

Removing the protective plug of the optical cable

When connecting the optical plug to your system, you should feel it click into place. If you don't, apply additional pressure until you feel it lock in place

Check that the optical cable is connected to an output jack on the connected device. This jack might be labelled Digital Out, Optical Output or S/PDIF

Open the menu of the connected device and look for Audio/Sound settings:

  • If there is a Speaker/Audio Output option, check if you can select the optical output.
  • If there is a setting for the digital audio format, try a different format.
  • For a connected TV, look for an option to disable the TV speakers and select it
  • If you can disable the speakers of a connected TV, look for a Volume option and, if available, set it to Fixed. If not available, turn up the volume on your TV to the maximum setting

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