Pairing with a Bluetooth® device

To pair a Bluetooth® device with your SoundLink® speaker:

On the device you want to pair, turn on Bluetooth®. This is typically found in the device's settings menu

On your SoundLink® speaker, press and briefly hold the Bluetooth® button until the Bluetooth® light starts flashing blue slowly

On the device to be paired, open the Bluetooth® settings and select "Bose® SoundLink®" from the available device list

Note: You might need to choose "Search or "Scan" in the device's Bluetooth® settings before the SoundLink® speaker appears.

If the Bluetooth® device asks for a passcode, enter it if you created one. If you never created a passcode, enter 0000 (four zeros) and press "OK."

If the device asks you to accept the connection or allow access to your contacts, choose to accept (access to contacts is useful for the speakerphone feature)

Pairing is complete when you hear an audible tone and the Bluetooth® indicator is solid white

Your SoundLink® speaker remembers the last 8 paired devices. The next time you want to connect a device you've already paired, activate Bluetooth® on the device, turn on your SoundLink® speaker and wait for the tone indicating they've connected.

Note: The speaker tries to connect to each device in its memory in order of most recently connected. So, it can take longer to reconnect to a device that wasn't the last connected device. If a previously paired device doesn't connect, make sure the speaker's Bluetooth® indicator is flashing white. If it's flashing blue, press the speaker's Bluetooth® button so it flashes white.

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