Poor sound quality from a Bluetooth® device

Applies to:

  • Bluetooth® audio adapter

if you are experiencing poor sound from a device connected to your bose® bluetooth® audio adapter, try these steps to resolve your issue:

Ensure the cable that connects the adapter and the sound playback device is not damaged and is connected firmly. If possible, try another cable

if your bluetooth® device or sound playback device has tone controls (i.e., bass or treble) or sound effects (i.e., surround sound or reverb), turn them off or adjust the settings

your bluetooth® device may be out of range. try moving it closer to the adapter

move your bluetooth® device away from any device that generates electromagnetic interference, such as another bluetooth® enabled device, cordless phone, microwave oven or wireless router

if your bluetooth® device is in your pocket, try placing it in open air, without your body between the device and the speaker

reduce the number of applications running on your bluetooth® device. running multiple applications can reduce the amount of internal resources available to transmit audio. closing non-essential applications may improve audio quality and playback

try turning off wi-fi® on your bluetooth® device

try clearing your bluetooth® device from the adapter by holding the bluetooth® button on the adapter for 10 seconds. the light on the button flashes to confirm. re-pair the device with the adapter and try again. for information on pairing a device, see pairing a bluetooth® multimedia device

if you are having difficulty pairing a bluetooth® device with the adapter, see cannot pair adapter with bluetooth® device.

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