Recognising lights and tones

When you first turn on the headset, both indicator lights glow.

  • The Bluetooth® indicator glows blue to show the state of connection
  • The battery indicator glows to show there is power

Bluetooth® light status

Blue light:

  • Slow flashing—The headset is discoverable for pairing
  • Quick flashing—The headset is connecting to a mobile phone, or is receiving or making a call
  • Solid—The headset is connected

Red light:

  • Flashing slowly—The headset and mobile phone are not connected. One of them is not turned on, or the two are more than 10 m (30 feet) apart

Battery light status

While using the headset:

  • Green (solid)—Up to 4.5 hours of talk time or 150 hours of standby
  • Yellow (solid)—About 1 hour of talk time or 45 hours of standby
  • Red (slow flashing)—Less than 30 minutes of talk time or 22 hours of standby

While charging the headset:

  • Yellow (flashing)—Charging is ongoing
  • Green (solid)—Charging is complete
  • Red (solid)—Charging error (the room temperature or product may be too warm or too cold)

Most indicator lights turn off in 10 seconds to conserve battery power. Only the red and yellow battery lights flash continuously.

In addition to these indicators, the headset emits tones in response to actions.

  • Four notes (low to high) sound when the headset turns on
  • Four notes (high to low) sound when the headset turns off
  • Three quick notes sound when the headset connects to your mobile phone
  • Low beep (repeats in minutes) indicates the battery is low
  • One note per press (low to high) indicates volume increase
  • One note per press (high to low) indicates volume decrease

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