System setup

Before using your Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker for the first time, connect it to AC (mains) power and charge the battery. You can connect the power supply cable into the charging cradle or directly into the speaker. While the battery is charging, you can begin using the speaker.

Setting up the charging cradle

The charging cradle provides a home base for your Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker. To set up the charging cradle, follow these steps:

Extend the power supply prongs

On the power supply, plug the DC power cable into the DC connector on the charging cradle

Place the speaker on top of the cradle, so the pin connectors line up. Do not force the speaker into the cradle

Plug the power supply into a working outlet. The speaker emits a tone confirming the connection. The charging begins. This is indicated by the blinking yellow battery icon. Once connected to AC power, your Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker is ready for use

Tips on placing the speaker

When using your Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker indoors, the tonal quality can vary depending on where the speaker is placed in a room. When using your speaker outdoors, you should expect the tonal quality to change as you move farther away from the speaker. Keep the following guidelines in mind when placing your speaker:

  • For optimal sound, the front of the speaker should face the user
  • For best bass response, the back of the speaker should be placed near a wall, but not directly against a wall. Bass response decreases as the speaker is moved away from a wall. Do not lay the speaker on its back. Sound is emitted from both the front and rear of the unit
  • Do not place the speaker in small areas that are enclosed on all sides except the front, as this will adversely affect sound quality
  • Do not place the speaker on wet or dirty surfaces

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