Battery troubleshooting

My system will not work on battery power. What could be wrong?

If the system is disconnected from AC power and unused for 14 days or more, the system enters a protection mode to preserve battery power. Plug your system into AC power to reactivate it

make sure the battery is fully charged. charge time is up to 10 hours in play mode or in standby. to determine the remaining battery charge level, press and hold the off button on the remote and observe the led on the front of the system

Red: 20% or less

Yellow: 20% – 70%

Green: 70% or more


Try charging the battery on a different AC plug. There may be a problem with the power outlet you’re using

Should I fully discharge my battery before I recharge it?

The Bose® SoundDock™ Portable system uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. This battery technology prefers to be "topped off" rather than a full discharge every time, so you can charge it whenever it's convenient. Make sure you charge the battery before leaving it in storage for any extended period of time

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