Connecting an external audio device

Examples of audio devices include satellite/HD radio, turntable, CD player and tape player. Refer to the owner's guide of the product being connected for more detailed instructions.

To connect an external audio device to the system, follow these steps:

Turn the TV on and select the TV video input that connects to the Lifestyle® system

on the control console, press setup

on the remote, press the down arrow to highlight "add a new device," then press ok

press the down arrow to select the type of device you want to connect

press ok and follow the onscreen instructions

Note: Because you are connecting an audio device, the system will ask for a video connection. When asked, choose "None."

once the process has completed, the system will ask if you want to set up the bose® remote to control the device. press ok and follow the onscreen instructions to set up the remote, or choose "skip this step;" the system will exit back to the initial setup screen

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