Poor sound quality from an aux device

Try the following to resolve your issue:

  • Reduce the volume level on the connected Aux device. Some devices might output too strong of a signal with their volume level set high or to the maximum. This can cause poor and distorted audio from connected speakers
  • Go into the sound settings of the connected device and set any equalisation and audio processing settings to "off" or "flat"
  • Make sure the 3.5 mm plug is fully and securely inserted into both the device and the speaker
  • The issue could be related to the audio cable. Try a new cable
  • Try playing another source on the device. For example, try another music app to see if the issue is with a particular app
  • The issue could be with the connected Aux device. Try another audio device
  • Reboot the connected device. This is typically done by turning it off completely and then restarting it
  • Reset the Bose® speaker by turning it on and holding the power button for 10 seconds until it turns off. Note: A factory reset clears the speaker's language setting and its paired mobile device memory, returning the speaker to original factory settings

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