Wave® music system IV

Sold from 2015 – present

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"A problem occurred during hardware installation" message displayed

Your computer may show this message if there is an issue communicating with the Bose system that is connected by USB to the computer. To resolve this, try the following:

Be sure the product is connected to a computer running a supported operating system

Connecting the product to a computer running a non-supported operating system may limit the ability for the product to operate properly. For information on how to determine the computers operating system, see Determining the computer's operating system

Disconnect and reconnect the SoundLink USB key

Disconnecting and reconnecting the SoundLink USB key may help the computer recognize the new input device. When reconnecting the SoundLink USB key be sure it is firmly seated.

Connect the product to another USB port.

Disconnect the product from the USB port in use and reconnect it to another port. Try using a port located elsewhere on the computer and/or bypassing any USB hubs, as the issue may be with the group of USB jacks or another device connected among that group.

If a USB hub is in use, try bypassing it.

Some USB hubs might cause a computer to have difficulty communicating with USB devices. If you're using a USB hub, disconnect it and connect your product directly to your computer to determine if the issue is related to the hub.

While updating your product, disconnect any other USB devices from the computer.

Disconnect all USB devices (not including a mouse and keyboard) from the the computer, then reconnect your system and try the update again. If the update still does not complete, disconnected the same USB devices and reboot your computer, then reconnect your system and try again. (Note: USB hubs are not recommended when trying to update.)

Reboot the computer.

Reboot your computer by powering it off completely and then powering it back on again. This can help to resolve minor processing issues with the computer.

Reset your product.

Much like rebooting a smartphone, your product might need to be reset on occasion to correct minor issues. For more info, see Resetting your product.
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