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Cleaning your Sleepbuds and charging case

It is important to keep the eartips and the mesh grilles under the eartips clean and free of debris. If there is debris on either, it an interferer with the speakers in your product and affect sound quality. Find out how to clean your product.

Your sleepbuds and charging case should be cleaned periodically.

Cleaning the eartips

Remove the tips from the sleepbuds and wash them with a mild soap and water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the eartips before reattaching them to your Sleepbuds.

Cleaning the nozzles

With the eartips removed, use a dry, soft cotton swab to wipe the nozzles. Be careful not to insert the cleaning tool or anything else into the nozzle.

Cleaning and charging contacts on the case and Sleepbuds

Pat dry the charging contacs on both Sleepbuds and the case with a dry, soft cotton swab. When cleaning the contacts on the case, do not use a wiping motion to avoid bending the charging pins or forcing moisture into crevices of the case.

Cleaning the case

Use a dry, soft cotton swab to wipe the case.

If earwax has built up on your earbuds and cannot be wiped off, follow these steps to remove it.

  1. Remove the tips from your earbuds
  2. Put on protective gloves for your skin before you begin cleaning
  3. Use a soft cloth or tissue to apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration only) to the mesh surface at the opening of the earbud. Take care not to allow excess liquid to enter the opening
  4. Let the hydrogen peroxide sit for 5 minutes so it can soften the wax
  5. Wet a soft-bristled tooth brush with hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration only)
  6. Gently scrub the mesh surface to loosen and remove the wax. Take care not to allow excess liquid to enter the opening of the earbud
  7. Once clean, gently shake out any excess liquid and debris
  8. Dry earbud with a soft cloth
  9. Before reattaching the eartips, leave your earbuds in the open for an extended period so any excess moisture can dry.
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