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Sustainability is a reflection of Bose’s Essence and Values, supporting our pursuit of excellence and our collective commitments to conduct business with integrity and treat others with respect. We aspire to infuse sustainability into our day-to-day work across the company, so that it shapes our thinking and the way we do business.

The Bose sustainability program manages the social, environmental, and governance responsibilities of our business. Our ambition is to adopt leading environmental and social management practices and embed a sustainability mindset comprehensively across the company. In the pursuit of ambition, we have established a multi-year sustainability strategy that delivers customer value by inspiring innovation in our products, engages our employees to help them reach their full potential, and seeks to give back to our communities in meaningful ways.

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Bose recognizes that our operations and products have an impact on the environment and we believe in a responsible approach to mitigating these impacts. We continue to identify and pursue opportunities to reduce energy and material use, and to limit carbon emissions and waste generation. We’ve seen ongoing engagement from employees, who have often stepped up and taken the lead in organizing initiatives within their facilities across the globe. From large-scale energy efficiency projects at our manufacturing plant to employee-led efforts phasing out disposable cutlery in our cafeterias, we will continue to look for opportunities to reduce our environmental impacts.

In today’s world, more and more of our business customers are seeking and expecting products that demonstrate strong sustainability performance. We want to meet and exceed their expectations by creating innovative products with smaller environmental footprints and that contribute to positive social outcomes.

By considering energy efficiency, durability, and chemical composition, we are able to enhance the environmental attributes of our products. One example is our effort to boost resource productivity and eliminate waste through a program that refurbishes and certifies returned products to exacting standards for resale on our website — delivering value to our customers, giving the product new life, and keeping waste out of landfills. We also look for ways to minimize our packaging and use environmentally preferable materials, and to bring to market innovations that tangibly improve people’s quality of life.