You've never felt it like this before


Smart Ultra Soundbar

Feel your favourite content deeper

Sonic euphoria you can feel It’s hair-raising,

Immersion no matter what you're watching

Dolby Atmos® and Bose TrueSpace technology separates music, dialogue, and effects, and places them in different parts of a room for a truly immersive spatial audio experience. Even old school movies, TV shows, and games sound new again.

Sound from every direction

Two upward-firing speakers envelop you in sound from every direction — even overhead.

Hear dialogue clearly

No more too-loud commercials and too-quiet whispers. A.I. Dialogue Mode balances voice and surround sound so you can hear what your favourite characters are saying with crystal clarity.

Unwind. Relax. Escape. Repeat.

See it in your space
Take a 360 detailed look at the soundbar or place it in your space with AR.
Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Love what you love even more

Feel your favourite content deeper with the new Smart Ultra Soundbar.

Features built for the way you live

You want to play it again. And again. And again.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

You never heard engines roar like this before

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Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar