How to choose the best soundbar

Dive into the world of soundbars, explore their features, and learn how to find the perfect match for your home theatre setup.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Soundbars offer a convenient solution to elevate your home entertainment system. No more fussing over speaker placements and tangled wires — everything you need fits neatly into a single package.

However, soundbars are a relatively recent addition to the world of audio technology and the market is brimming with options, so choosing the right one can be a bit daunting.

This guide will explain how soundbars can enhance your sound system, break down the key features you should keep an eye on, like Dolby Atmos® and ADAPTiQ, and provide insights on making the right choice. So, when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll be all set to choose your perfect soundbar with confidence.

What is a soundbar?

With TVs becoming increasingly slim, their internal two-speaker stereo setup can’t match the rich, immerse sound quality modern viewers demand. To truly embrace the depth and richness of your favourite shows and movies, external speakers have become a must.

Traditionally this meant incorporating a full surround sound system for your home, often with five or seven separate speakers and a subwoofer. This might give you the audio experience you’re looking for, but at the cost of pricey installations involving drills, wires, and possibly holes in your ceiling.

A soundbar encapsulates the essence of surround sound without the complexities. This sleek, low-profile device houses a team of speakers, each with its own role to play. The centre channel focuses on crisp, clear dialogue, while the left and right speakers bring scenes to life with their ambient sounds.

Connecting a soundbar is simple. All you need is the included HDMI cable and power cord, and it’s ready to go. That’s why soundbars are a top choice for those who want to level up their audio game without the fuss.

Get to know the features

Bose soundbars aren’t just for playing your favourite music, TV shows, and movies. Let’s dive into the key features that will make your soundbar truly yours.

Seamless connectivity with Bluetooth

Our soundbars can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, like your smartphone or tablet. Using the Bose Music app, you can not only operate the soundbar but also connect it to popular streaming audio platforms and your personal digital library.

For added flexibility, use Bose SimpleSync to pair your soundbar with compatible Bose headphones, ensuring a private and immersive listening experience. You can also sync with other Bose SimpleSync-enabled portable speakers to take your soundscapes to new heights.

Person using the Bose Music app to control their Bose soundbar

Voice assistant and hands-free control

Our soundbars take convenience to the next level with voice assistant and voice control. With a Wi-Fi® connection, you can effortlessly access Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.*

But wait, there’s more. Bose Voice4Video technology empowers you to manage your TV, cable, and satellite box using just your voice, so you can ditch the remote control and experience the future of hands-free entertainment.

*Voice services (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) may vary and may not be available in all languages and countries.

A couple watching TV with their Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Intelligent room calibration

Bose soundbars utilize our ADAPTiQ calibration software to analyze your room’s properties and fine-tune the sound output for a personalized, optimized, audio experience.

A woman watching TV with her Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Smart upmixing technology

Some Bose soundbars feature TrueSpace spatial processing, which can intelligently analyze and upmix sound signals for an immersive multichannel experience that extends from far right to far left, and even overhead.

A couple watching TV with their Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Dolby Atmos surround sound

Enter a new dimension of audio with Dolby Atmos, the star feature in our latest soundbars, including the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar and Bose Soundbar 600.

These advanced soundbars boast side-firing and upward-firing speakers that ingeniously bounce and disperse sound around the room. It’s a 360-degree auditory journey, creating the sensation of sound emanating from every direction.

To fully embrace the immersive Dolby Atmos experience, ensure your TV is equipped with an HDMI™ eARC port. This connection is your gateway to uncompressed, breathtaking sound.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Find the right fit

Selecting the right-sized soundbar is crucial for a balanced audio experience. Too small, and it might leave you wanting more; too large, and it could overwhelm your space. To strike the perfect chord, here are some tips:

Match your TV width: Whenever possible, aim for a soundbar that matches the width of your TV. This alignment not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also ensures that audio complements your visuals seamlessly.

Mind the height: Take note of the space between the base of your TV and the top of your media console. This dimension is crucial to prevent your soundbar from obstructing the lower part of the screen. It’s all about keeping your viewing experience uninterrupted.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar on a TV stand

Find the perfect place

Getting the ideal spot for your soundbar can make all the difference in your listening experience. Here’s how to position it just right:

Vertical alignment: Align your soundbar with the vertical centre of your TV. This ensures that the front speakers are pointed directly at you, delivering optimal sound.

Ear-level placement: Position the soundbar near ear level, ensuring that the audio is right on target for your ears. This way, you’ll capture every detail and nuance.

Avoid restrictions: Don’t tuck your soundbar away in a recessed cabinet or off to the side. Such placements can limit sound quality.

Wall-mounted TVs: If your TV is wall-mounted, consider a wall bracket for your soundbar. Install it below the TV, maintaining ear-level placement for a full and immersive experience with side-firing and upward-firing speakers.

A couple watching TV with their Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Meet the Bose TV Speaker

If you’re seeking an affordable alternative to a full-fledged Bose soundbar, the Bose TV Speaker is a fantastic choice with many of the same features.

This little powerhouse offers Bluetooth® connectivity, extra bass, and Dialogue Mode for clear vocals and immersive action. Its two angled, full-range drivers deliver impressive audio. With a simple HDMI connection, you can effortlessly connect and stream your favourite content.

Sound in 3D

Experience sound in a whole new dimension with the latest soundbars, particularly those featuring Dolby Atmos technology. These cutting-edge devices effortlessly elevate your favourite entertainment from 2D to a mesmerizing 3D experience.

Discovering how they function, determining the ideal size, choosing the right connection, and exploring additional features will help you find your perfect soundbar.

Product availability may vary by country.

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