BLOND:ISH on sound as superpower

(And why the powerhouse producer is so into energy.)

Blondish wearing QC headphones 700

Call me a producer

BLOND:ISH (Vivie-ann Bakos) is a DJ, producer, record label head, environmental activist, Web3 entrepreneur, serial collaborator, energy worker and spiritual seeker (and just about everything in-between).

Signature Blond:ish

“The one special thing that we all have is we have our own unique power. You just have to find it.”


Turn the Dial is a commitment to helping music be all that it can be by increasing the number of producers of all genders—not just men. It’s time to turn the dial.

Signature Blond:ish

“I put all my efforts into making energy tangible and paying it forward and through my music.”


Fighting to make music all it can be.

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