Celebrating the power of music in Pride

Music has the ability to transform, to heighten, and to inspire. And for the LGBTQ+ community, it has historically been a reminder to take up space unabashedly, to not only dance like no one’s watching, but to do so no matter who is. At Bose, we believe sound is power, and we believe in the power of what it can do for those listening. That’s why we’ve joined forces with partners within the community to champion the role and impact music has had on queer culture, history, and community. Join Bose as we invite you to Live. Out. Loud.

Band performing at a concert
Music Inspires Community

Sound has the power to bring people together — and inside the walls of the famous Stonewall Inn circa 1966, the LGBTQ+ community found safety and community in song.

At the time, it was extremely rare to find public bars and spaces to dance in that were safe for the community. But at Stonewall, couples would dance together, and the fleeting but powerful seconds of song provided a rare moment of semi-public peace and intimacy. However, the inn was commonly raided, with the people who sought community and comfort in song instead finding themselves in danger of arrest and assault.


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“Thanks to music, I was able to find the strength I needed to continue my journey — as an artist, a DJ, a dancer, a designer; as someone who is building their world and dreams.”

Shenghao, Performing at Ladyland 2023

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Today, music stands firm as a way to foster community and spark change for those who are LGBTQ+. That is why Bose is working hand-in-hand with one of the largest outdoor queer music festivals in Brooklyn, NY — LadyLand. Spearheaded by iconic nightlife producer Ladyfag, the festival is a celebration of queer talent and music, creating a safe haven of joy, art, and sound.

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Music inspires courage

We all have songs that get us on our feet, put us in our feelings, and help us express a part of ourselves that only music can bring out.

Group of people at Ladyland

Music inspires culture

The use of music and sound in queer subgenres like drag and ballroom are key staples in LGBTQ+ culture. Both are art forms that break down conventional gender expression, and when these artists take to the stage while lip-syncing and strutting alongside music or voguing down a catwalk, they’re embodying a persona and story that draws from the striking words and beat.

The music provides a moment of self-expression and reclamation, going against the status-quo in a way that — demands and deserves — attention.
Bose x Ladyland

Keep an eye on all things Bose to see our work with LadyLand and the Ally Coalition come to life, throughout the month of June and beyond.