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The best fathers know how to listen, and their children give them plenty of practice. This Father’s Day, pay tribute to Dad’s open ears and arms by bringing new electricity and intimacy to the music, movies, and matches he loves. The best way to do that is by upgrading and expanding his home sound system with the latest tech gifts for Dad. Not only will they enrich his audio experience, but they’ll also amplify your appreciation.

Here are four Bose audio products for Dad on his special day.

Whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a tailgate before the big game or late night around the firepit with friends, some dads just know how to set the perfect vibe. The SoundLink Max Portable Speaker is just the right thing for them.

Epic sound and deep-rich bass boom from this speaker and, with up to 20 hours of battery life, you can set the soundtrack for nearly the entire day. Plus, the SoundLink Max is IP67 rated, that means its dustproof and waterproof and can handle all the spills that might come its way.

For the multitasking dad: Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds are the perfect gift for the dad who wants to listen to music, podcasts, or take phone calls amidst his busy day.

These earbuds wrap around the outer edge of your ear so they don’t block your ear canal like a traditional earbud. That means Dad can listen to his music while still being aware of what’s going on around him.

In addition, they come equipped with Bose Immersive Audio and are so comfortable, Dad can wear them all day long.

For the movie-buff dad: Bose Smart Soundbar 600 and Smart Ultra Soundbar

Few pieces of audio equipment can revitalize a “dad cave” more completely than a soundbar. Although compact in size, a soundbar punches far above its weight. The improvement in sound quality and projection is particularly astonishing when connected to a flat-screen TV, where speakers are continually slimmed, shifted, and sacrificed for screen space. With a soundbar, a film’s score leaps from the TV to the seat right next to you.

Dolby Atmos® enhances immersion even more, especially as films, albums, and games are increasingly released and remixed for Atmos. Whereas surround sound can move audio from speaker to speaker, Atmos creates a wider, more nuanced field by firing sound in multiple directions, including upward to add a height dimension. The same benefit extends to any audio that dad plays through the soundbar via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi® connections, essentially creating a centralized sound system for all his digital audio needs.

Bose soundbars achieve all of this with two models: the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar and Bose Smart Soundbar 600. Both come with multidirectional speakers and support for Dolby Atmos. When Atmos isn’t present in the source mix, TrueSpace technology in the Bose soundbars mixes the signal for a similar spatial effect. The Smart Ultra Soundbar covers more ground than the Soundbar 600: It nearly doubles the number of transducers, and it adds PhaseGuide technology to beam sound to distinct areas in the room and ADAPTiQ to analyze the room space and calibrate sound accordingly. This means Dad can spend more time enjoying the soundbar, and less time fiddling with the setup.

A dad’s life is filled with action, and this makes mobility and flexibility a virtue in all things — audio equipment included. A durable portable speaker is the perfect companion for Dad, as it can accompany him on a hike-and-bike in the woods, a bronzing session on the beach, or a relaxing camping trip. However, with any portable speaker, it’s essential to choose a model with the best design and material to repel the traditional enemies of audio: water, dust, sand, and pollen. Battery power is also key, especially when outlets are far away.

The Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker is built for all of the above. It’s lightweight and easy to clip to a bag or belt loop. It also puts out impressive, steady sound, and the PositionIQ technology inside automatically optimizes the sound according to its position, whether it’s standing upright, lying on its back, or hanging by its tear-resistant utility loop. If Dad has more than one with him, he can pair them to double the output.

The SoundLink Flex is one of the electronic gifts for Dad that can withstand a lot of punishment, too. In fact, it’s rated IP67, which means it’s waterproof and dustproof inside and out. Dad can even dunk it in water and it’ll keep on playing, making it an ideal companion for a float in the pool or a volleyball session on the sand. The powder coating of the SoundLink Flex also resists rust corrosion, ultraviolet light, and cosmetic flaking.

For the music-lover dad: Bose Music Amplifier

Chances are, Dad has a few boxes of cassettes, CDs, and records taking up space in the closet, attic, or garage. Unpacking the joy and memories inside them is a great way to bond with Dad, and the key to this is one amplifier to rule them all. That’s no mean feat in a digital world that’s forced analog albums into storage.

The Bose Music Amplifier solves the problem with ease by marrying analog and digital signals through a single unit. In the back, RCA and optical inputs connect to external analog turntables, CD players, and cassette decks, while the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities channel dad’s device- and cloud-based libraries and streaming platforms, including Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify, and Chromecast.

Equal versatility can be found in the speaker outputs. The Bose Music Amplifier can power up to two passive speakers, including outdoor models, and it can pair with one more Bose SimpleSync-enabled Bluetooth speaker, extending coverage up to 30 feet (9 metres). The amplifier even includes a bass output for subwoofers that supports the Bose Bass Module 500 or Bose Bass Module 700 via a 3.5-millimeter stereo cable. The Bose app makes it easy to control, even for the least tech-savvy dads.

Appreciation for Dad

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a song can say a million, thanks to the emotional power it can bring, even decades later. With the best tech gifts for Dad that enhance the audio he loves, you can be sure to evoke deep feelings of love and appreciation for Dad.

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