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Mixing up the music industry by supporting women and non-binary producers

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Make way for the future of sound

Only 2.8% of popular music is produced by women. Turn the Dial fights to increase that number because to realize the full power of sound, the people making music need to be as diverse as the people listening. Don't call it a promise to do better. Call it a commitment to music. It's time to turn the dial.

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“Women can bring a lot to the table, and bring their own approach to things, so I think it’s important to champion the girls.”

Megan Lewis — Songwriter

Only 2.8% of all songs are produced by women. Music doesn’t even know what it’s missing.

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Why she thinks the future of sound is "going to be a problem."

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“When there’s more visibility, there will be a lot more freedom to create.”

H.E.R. — Producer

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"Music as a whole will just get more experimental. More interesting."


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When sound is your calling

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"I was always creating ideas back in the day ... song ideas, melody ideas, and that really just showed me that I can actually turn my ideas into something."

WondaGurl — Producer

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"I put all my efforts into making energy tangible and paying it forward and through my music. Hopefully that can shift onto the dance floor."

Blond:ish — Producer

Turn The Dial sessions: Anne-Marie

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She is The Music

She Is The Music

She Is The Music is a nonprofit organization increasing the number of women working in music — songwriters, engineers, producers, artists and industry professionals. Programs include all-women songwriting camps, mentorship programs, the largest global database of women in music.


Billboard is not only the world’s premier music publication, but also host of the Billboard Women in Music Awards. The awards recognize groundbreaking artists across genres and generations who have paved and continue to pave the way for women and non-binary folks in music.